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Our events are informed by Dulce UpFront’s philosophy of giving back to the community through conscious art & safe spaces. We focus on engaging people of all ages around healthy and regenerative cultural celebration. With much excitement, we involve families in the projects we create because we value multicultural and multigenerational environments. Our approach is collaborative. We believe that in representing and celebrating cultures we must partner with respected community leaders from various circles. We work with individuals and groups who have a diverse palette of expertise. We regularly involve large groups of conscious and forward thinking artists to broaden our constellation of connections with every event. Our events always include a multimedia approach that involves rich culturally-congruent design, interactive art installations, visuals, and a wide array of cultural performances. We find that our method of community building through event production is highly effective in supporting the efforts of organizations, educational institutions and foundations in reaching its fullest potential.


For more information please contact info@dulceupfrontlabs.com